Property Transfers brought to you by The Holden Agency
Property sold

More than 300 Richland County properties have recently changed hands, according to the latest property transfer reports from the county auditor's office.

Properties recently sold included:


515 Central Ave., Mansfield; James and Marilyn Allen to Eric Pruett; $4,000

291 Spring St., Mansfield; LaShonna Bronson to Daishaun Bronson; $10,000

545 N. Illinois Ave., Mansfield; Brian and Amanda Lucas to Jenniger Daniel; $91,000

467 Fairoaks Blvd., Mansfield; Robert Davidson to Curtice Sr. and Amy Bings; $86,600

580 Acker Drive, Mansfield; Laurie Evans to Faith Ringer; $94,500

1479 Overdale Drive, Mansfield; Merle and Judith Plank to Lori Camillo; $86,500

294 E. Third St., Mansfield; Mansfield Rex Properties, LLC, to Newville Investments, LLC; $164,500

1459 Frederick Court, Mansfield; Jeffery and Cheyenne Maciver to Alice Sanz; $130,000

365 Dale Ave., Mansfield; Michael and Amy Mount to Jacob Walker; $63,000

233 Lexington Ave. and vacant lot, Lexington Avenue, Mansfield; Sunii Shah to Migdadi Enterprises, LLC; $55,000

1268 Woodville Road, Mansfield; Ted and Carol Vali to Ashlea Stevens; $139,900

180 Euclid Ave., Mansfield; Brian and Brianna Durbin to Luke and Analee Adkins; $91,900

569 W. 4th St., Mansfield; Bonnie Middleton to Aaron Jamieson; $34,900

911-913 S. Main St., Mansfield; David Davies to 913 S Main, LLC; $119,000

746 Clifton Blvd., Mansfield; Richland Bank, successor trustee, to Jordan and Aimee Becker; $174,341

759 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Nicholas Gerber to William and Kristin Kipp; $61,000

169 W. Fifth St., Mansfield; Miranda Jones to Davis X Co; $8,000

612 Old Mill Run Road, Mansfield; Tammy and Nathan Phelps to Spencer Martz and Kathryn Lewis; $419,900

1521 Pine Grove Court, Mansfield; James and Rebekah Kennedy to Jason and Dawn Roberts; $349,000

2253 Saratoga Court, Mansfield; Arthur and Eileen Gedeon to Robert and Bonnie Montgomery; $242,000

198 Rhein Ave., Mansfield; Dwight Dunlap and Peggy Sue Herzog, co-trustees, to Ted and Drita Scherer; $76,000

Hess Circle, Mansfield; Rose Hess to James Banks, trustee; $27,000

1628 Cape Cod Drive, Mansfield; Hunsinger Builders, LLC, to Sue Ann Eden; $194,224.38

949 Red Oak Trail, Mansfield; David and Kimberly Speck to Michael and Juanita Getz; $190,000

4180 Flowers Road, Mansfield; John and Barbara Collins to Steven and Laura Trainer; $215,250

156 E. Third St., Mansfield; Jordan Sockwell to Bobby Joe Price; $8,540

74 Shaffner Blvd., Mansfield; Raymond Metcalf and Catherine Berry to Robert and Nancy Shaw; $159,900

765 Andover Road, Mansfield; J. Steve Sheldon, Richland County Sheriff, to Calvin Lavigne; $100,000

530 Acker Drive, Mansfield; Unknown heirs of Paul Schopp Jr. to Park National Bank; $32,000

888 Millsboro Road, Mansfield; Steve Sheldon to Tony Demyan; $28,000

185 Harker St., Mansfield; Simpson 比特币交易app哪个好homes, LLC, to RJ Hunt Properties, LLC; $15,000

767 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; HSW Investments, LLC, to SPS Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $37,000

530 Dyas Drive, Mansfield; Mathew Bright to Anthony Flick; $73,500

1791 Riva Ridge Drive, Mansfield; Getz Builders, Inc., to Stacy Adams; $238,727

561 Crescent Road, Mansfield; Jessica and Craig Titley to Lynne Nadolsky; $145,000

1052 Devonwood Road, Mansfield; David and Diana Brandwein to Tammy and Michael Miller; $171,000

1044 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Dennis DeBaltzo to Ray and Mary Selden; $129,900

525 and 527 Crescent Road, Mansfield; Vasillos Kyrou to Baljit Singh; $220,000

227 E. Longview, Mansfield; Sherry Bivens to Dale Powell Jr.; $500

822 Dickson Parkway, Mansfield; Christopher Robertson to Matthew and Laura Parsons; $215,000

323 Ruth Ave., Mansfield; Kathryn Laser to Ton Nguyen and Katelyn McLaughlin; $161,000

160 Carpenter Road, Mansfield; Joseph and Elizabeth Bocka to Michael and Cheryl Rachel; $77,500

1514 Silver Lane, Mansfield; Leo Lundgren to John and Vicki Taylor; $122,900

1040 Woodland Road, Mansfield; Glenn Yingling to Kathryn Hamrick and Jonathan West; $145,000

600 Sackman St., Mansfield; Mansfield 比特币交易app哪个好homes IV, LP, to Sharon Camak; $59,500

1243 Pawnee Ave., Mansfield; Heidi Carver to Angelo Grose; $16,500

1152 Charwood Road, Mansfield; Jon Van Houten to Tansy Stahle; $150,000

65 Westgate Drive, Mansfield; Roy and Mary Patton to Tiffany Huynh; $115,000

256 Taylor Road, Mansfield; Matthew O'Brien to Kyle Chandler; $78,000

1200 Millsboro Road, Mansfield; Mark and Laura Wilging, co-trustees, to Dale Prulhiere and Martha Secrest-Veddaauw; $375,800

39 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Joshua and Jennifer Hockman to Kathleen Salimbene; $79,260

2440 Oak Street, Mansfield; Heather and Keith Kipp to Zackery and Angel Spain; $123,000

235 Kinkel Ave., Mansfield; Larry and Verona Swank to Laurie Evans; $72,500

470 Beechwood Drive, Mansfield; William Campbell, Janet Campbell and Alan Campbell to Debra Walker; $136,000

522 Cline Ave., Mansfield; Harold and Judith Chumbley to Marcia Travis; $100,000

610 Austin Road, Mansfield; Kodie and Sarah Hutchinson to Alex Repuyan; $174,900

651 Sloane Ave., Mansfield; Timothy and Shuree Eldridge to Jonathan Smith; $175,000

615 Bailey Drive, Unit 3, Mansfield; Steven and Linda Fraley to Brian and Cheryl Cronbaugh; $36,900

761 Abbott Drive, Mansfield; Jennifer Snyder to Emily Saxton; $78,000

102 Westgate Drive, Mansfield; Roeliff Harper to Shane Myers and Chelsea Ridenour; $145,000

293 Lind Ave., Mansfield; Larry and Virgina Lester to Oakley Properties Trust; $31,500

317 Remy Ave., Mansfield; Pfeiffer Properties, LLC, to AMP Investment Properties, LLC; $32,230

1196 Royal Oak Court, Mansfield; Jeannie Stickler, trustee, to Donald Kaufman; $180,000

642 Holiday Drive, Mansfield; Ethel Mercurio, trustee, to Shelley Seibert; $160,000

178 Sycamore St., Mansfield; Brian Dorion to Harold Hooper Jr.; $2,000

207 Redwood Road, Mansfield; Robert and Brenda Perry to Thomas Plaisted, Patricia Plaisted and Thomas Plaisted; $230,000

390 W. Sixth St., Mansfield; Barbara Bowen to Cory Lang; $2,000

2251 Vincennes Court, Mansfield; Larry and Brenda Kurek to Justin Bigelow; $248,025

311 E. Third St., Mansfield; Angela and Todd Barhorst to Holly Curry; $17,500

435 Abbeyfeale Road, Mansfield; Alexander Beddow to Robert and Krista Jones; $126,000

453 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; John and Brenda Barile to Leslie Vance; $73,800

630 Heidi Lane, Mansfield; William and Cindy Hill to Joseph and Aubrey Harris; $261,000

413 Hammond Ave., Mansfield; Robert Hoover to Brandon Miller; $41,000

1550 Royal Oak Drive, Mansfield; Padmanabha and Thayamma Bhat, trustees, to Andrew and Julie Hipp; $230,000

158 Vennum Ave., Mansfield; Randy Feldhake to Ajaz Mahammad; $1,000

656 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Remington Bachmann to Meghan Arnold; $115,500

753 Springmill St., Mansfield; Linda Goode and Lilli Hassman to Ambreen Realty, LLC; $60,000

145 Grasmere Ave., Mansfield; Judy Goldsmith to Landenazula Bruce; $81,500

1160 Woodland Road, Mansfield; Catherine Harris to Bryan Truax; $119,900

877 Greenfield Drive, Lexington; David and Juanita Lebo to Debra Hill; $166,000

335 S. Main St., Mansfield; Jim Morehead to Stuart and Lou Anne Parkison; $18,000

513 Cline Ave., Mansfield; Christina Greene to Beth Anne Jarvis; $94,900

1494 S. Lascerne Circle, Mansfield; Ryan and Joy Dials to Debra Branch; $85,000

1281-1285 Trimble Road, Mansfield; Christensen Properties, LLC, to 10830 Brookpark Road, LLC; $319,000

1518 Royal Oak Drive, Mansfield; Bairanie and Radhika Nayak to Russell Lynch; $227,000

642 Olivesburg Road, Mansfield; Anna Bowie aka Anna Noblet to Andy Troyer; $10,500

1869 Evline Drive, Mansfield; Melissa O'Connell to William and Cindy Hill; $245,000

127 Stewart Ave. South, Mansfield; SPS Properties of Mansfield, LLC, to Susan Maul; $29,900

501 Woodhill Road, Mansfield; Bradford Gray to Robert Hicks; $275,000

1603 Cape Cod Drive, Mansfield; Hunsinger Builders, LLC, to Susanna Subich; $244,900

1770 Stoney Ridge Court, Mansfield; The Stephen Alan Ryan Trust to D.B. Properties, LLP; $85,000

30 Burnese Ave., Mansfield; John Kelley, trustee, to Adam Slaughter; $13,000

74 Clifton Ave., Mansfield; S.H. Fueston, trustee, to Robert and Deborah Doerr; $36,000

323 Buckeye Ave., Mansfield; Travis Wenger to Michelle Jourdan; $85,000

1090 Yorkwood Road, Mansfield; Jarid Day to Frederick and Suzanne Linger; $168,000

70 Helen Ave., Mansfield; Mirl Timmons to James Burton; $20,000

72 S. Linden Road, Mansfield; Sarah Frank to Claudine Byers; $79,500

569 Heineman Blvd., Mansfield; OSTCY, LLC, to Ashlei Likely; $60,000

214 Walter Ave., Mansfield; Sixto and Bridget Rodriguez to Ivy Kithcart; $84,000

530 Wood St., Mansfield; Suzanne Smith, trustee, to Cynthia Miller; $77,000

336 Harding Road, Mansfield; Cloie Porter to Hurtice Nolen; $15,000

448 W. Sixth St., Mansfield; Donte Williams Sr. to Rachel Rush; $4,500


2025 August Drive, Ontario; Coughlin Investments, Ltd., to Ambrose Real Estate, LLC; $310,000

175 Creston Road, Ontario; Bryan Toney, trustee, to Krista Mattoni and Adria Jacobs; $157,900

2347 Forest Hill Circle, Ontario; Giner and David Butcher to Kara and Timothy Russell; $395,201

2027 S. Willowood Drive, Ontario; Gregory and Shirley Wentz to Terry and Tamy Hansley; $68,000

99 Lexington-Ontario Road, Mansfield; First Wesleyan Church to Christopher and Amy Klug-Beale; $140,000

2344 Deerfield Lane, Mansfield; Karen Scott to James and Nancy Shafer; $161,500

3090 Erla Drive, Ontario; Brendan and Angela Leightey to Travis and Sara Crubaugh; $125,000

2253 Woodland Park Drive, Ontario; James and Ann Coe to Timothy and Shuree Eldridge; $359,000

2379 Ferguson Road, Ontario; Lowell Wilson Sr. to Christopher and Delores Bower; $165,800

2640 W. Fourth St., Ontario; Alexander Griffeth to Brent Case; $131,000

3458 Ridgestone Drive, Ontario; Scott and Amy Derkez to Kevin and Amber Dawson; $340,000

3711 Shangri-La Ave. East, Ontario; Gordon Moxley, trustee, to Daniel and Brenda Niss; $330,000

1055 Crestfield St., Mansfield; Debra Branch to Robert and Nancy Snyder; $150,000

451 Rosewood Court, Mansfield; IFM Properties of Mansfield, LLC, to Keith and Mary Beth Wright; $128,900

706 Scott Drive, Mansfield; Julie Austen to Roger and Sherri Price; $110,000


25 Oak St., Shelby; Pamela Noland to Karder Seasly; $78,900

71 S. Gamble St., Shelby; Mark and Patricia Burrer to Carson Properties, LLC; $115,000

25 Bradley, Shelby; Linda Mills, Douglas Shatzer and Scott Shatzer to Frederick Plew; $124,500

30 Sherwood Drive, Shelby; Judith Brumback to Teresa Fitch; $115,000

57 Mack Ave., Shelby; Dorothy Humphrey to Robert and Jill Humphrey; $80,000

157 E. Main St., Shelby; Jean Knapp and Melanie Knapp to 62 Invest, LLC; $38,000

55 W. Tucker Ave., Shelby; Zachary Finnegan to Toni Bandy; $63,000

Vacant lot, .363 acres, Cleveland Street, Shelby; Steven and Sonjia Schag to John and Ruth Donnersbach; $2,500

38 Park Ave., Shelby; Denise Thompson, Michael Heifner and Danette Mueller to Paige Mazor; $101,000

40 Jenner Ave., Shelby; Ryan Timmer to Ramon Rodriguez-Ruiz; $115,000

57-59 Shelby Ave., 60-64 Jeffrey Ave., 62 Jenner Ave., Shelby; Edwin Gutchall to Ruby Bonecutter; $80,500

207 N. Broadway Lane, Shelby; Vicki Ann Farnwalt to Anthony and Theresa Donnersbach; $153,000

59 W. Smiley Ave., Shelby; Thomas Yetzer to Mariah and Lexus Stearns; $93,000

55 Third St., Shelby; Alfredo Gomez and Jessica Ensman to Cynthia Slater; $43,500

15 Fourth St., Shelby; Megan Rothhaar to Ricky Jr. and Nicole Chambers; $75,000

43 Buckeye Drive, Shelby; Oren Tackett and Kimberly High, co-successor trustees, to Pamela Blankenhorn; $121,000

81 1/2 Gamble St., Shelby; George and Dixie Wilcox to Stephen and Samantha McHan; $106,000

17 Seneca Drive, Shelby; Carol Williams to Larry Stephens; $144,900

110 S. Gamble St., Shelby; Amanda and Matthew Argo to Emily Eyerly; $95,000

14 Vernon Road, Shelby; Jean Auer and Teresa Armstrong to Joyce Burdette; $72,500


198 Fitting Ave., Bellville; Marilyn Smith, successor trustee, to Steven Barr; $124,900

210 W. Durbin Ave., Bellville; Ethan and Lena Boggs to Deborah and Brian Pinnegar; $160,000

296 S. Main St., Bellville; Michael Ridenour, Edward Ridenour and Gail Kershner to Dennis and Sharon Rose; $91,000

427 Main St., Bellville; Ronald and Jeanne Joan to Brittany and Ethan Peppers; $107,500

175 Durbin St., Bellville; Benjamin and Susan Ocheltree to George and Dawn Thompson; $149,500

266 W. Durbin Circle, Bellville; Dennis Dill, Jane Fleiner and Dwight Dill to Lawrence and Georgeann Siringer; $194,500

200 Kelly Ave., Bellville; Jeanette Fry to William Sheriff and Heather Delgado; $125,000


60 Wilson Ave., Butler; Autumn Bailey to Sheldon and Stephanie McCoy; $140,000

201 Elm St., Butler; Joretta Hanson to Tobias Yoder; $45,000

112 Main St., Butler; LAJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC, to Koren Oswalt; $39,000

98 Cleveland St., Butler; Craig Hallabrin and Michele Davis to Zachery Palmer; $135,500


225 Hampton Road, Lexington; Helen Balcolm to Seth Borland; $147,000

192 Essex Road, Lexington; Pamela Weilauf, successor trustee, to Tina Moessner; $152,000

72 Holiday Hill, Lexington; Steve and Chantel Maxey to Robert III and Angie Sturgill; $143,000

285 Castor Road, Mansfield; Lori Fannin to Joel and Carla Sexton; $159,899

285 Castor Road, Mansfield; Lori Fannin to Joel and Carla Sexton; $1

Charles Court, Lexington; Walker Brothers Lexington, LLC, to Timothy and Donna Rimmer; $46,000

77 Essex Circle, Lexington; Steven and Laura Trainer to Jacob Hileman and Alexis Kempton; $140,000

160 E. Main St., Lexington; Patricia Thomas to Amethyst Properties, LLC; $46,900

108 Breton Drive, Lexington; John and Ruth Hoffman to Michael and Amanda Winkler; $438,900

68 Yorkshire Drive, Lexington; Mindy and Ian Metcalf to Ryan Noland; $164,900

96 Mayfair Road, Lexington; Joe III and Cheri Henderson to Danielle and Robert Kelley III; $219,900

36 Plymouth St., Lexington; Timothy and Holly Holmes to Lexington Plaza Properties, LLC; $120,000

245 Holiday Hill, Lexington; David and Kathleen Mione to Megan and Reece Wolford; $154,900

Vacant land, 5.010 acres, Hanley Road, Lexington; Keith and Susan Kisling to Timothy and Rachel Smith; $35,000

77 Plymouth St., Lexington; Charles and Barbara Logan, trustees, to Greenline Properties, LLC; $62,500

11 Salem Road, Lexington; Harriett Hansen to Robert Hildebrand and Alexandra Arcand; $161,000

35 Short St., Lexington; David and Pamela Waleri to Heather Betts; $217,500

440 Cedarwood Drive, Lexington; Richard and Deborah Smith to Timothy and Holly Holmes; $255,000

103 Delaware Ave., Lexington; Andrew and Shannon Cuffman to Jared Grigsby; $129,900

187 Foxcroft Road, Lexington; Daniel and Melissa Squillante to Jean Bacon; $344,900


150 Plymouth St., Plymouth; Robert Boyer to Caudill Property Management, Inc.; $66,100

71 Plymouth St., Plymouth; Kathryn Barnett and Sheeree Oney to Brandi Oney; $129,500

1 High St., Plymouth; Robert Reed to Eric Cutlip; $15,000


49 North St., Shiloh; Ilena Porter to Rebekah and Austin Elliott; $85,000


360 Lattimer Road West, Shiloh; Gary and Jennifer Blankenship to Henderson III and Cheri New; $284,000


7591 Town Line Road, Shiloh; Mark and Marian Martin to Jonathan and Laurel Sensenig; $171,000


3547-3549 Ohio 13 North, Mansfield; Joyce Wolf to Larry Risner; $180,000

2408 Bowman Street Road, Mansfield; George Earl to Charles Court Endeavors, LLC; $128,500

4227 Ohio 13, Mansfield; Jenevieve Oswalt to Seth and Christina Motter; $140,000

2209 Heart Road, Mansfield; Calvin Hill to Morgan Cronenwett and Joseph Terenzi; $152,000

Amoy West Road, Mansfield; Mickey and Monica Vollmer to Frederick Patrick; $87,500

232 Ohio 96, Shiloh; Kim Wagoner to Daniel and Susan Nolt; $390,000

Vacant land, 8.580 acres, Mansfield; John and Patricia Spangler to Michael and Martha Nikolaus; $25,500


4033 Bowman St. Road, Shelby; Mansfield Airport Warehousing, LTD, to Michael DeWalt; $126,000

2484 E. Smiley Road, Shelby; Decision, LTD., to Paul and Elizabeth Whorten; $274,900


4977 Mann Road, Bellville; Christine Colledge and Bruce Baehrens to Old Pine Farms, LLC; $230,000

1544 Rinehart Road, Bellville; Lee and Bobbi Eggeman to Daniel and Katie Schoonover; $260,000

885 Kenton Road, Bellville; Kent Ewers to Robin Remaley; $55,000

Vacant lot, Renie Road, Bellville; Robert and Erica Parnisari to Jevin Williamson and Ashley Parinarsi; $125,000

Vacant lot, 1.247 acres, Renie Road, Bellville; The Cordrey Keyston Preservation Trust to Robert and Jennifer Rogers; $2,000

6538 Ankneytown Road, Bellville; Betty Shupe to Darren and Brooke Adams; $293,900

106 Honey Creek Road West, Bellville; Stephen and Shelley Hughett to Andrew Newman; $305,000

1308 Wagner Road, Butler; Jerry Harnich to Harlan and Lucy Zimmerman; $61,500


673 Mansfield-Washington Road, Mansfield; LaShonna Bronson to Daishaun Bronson; $10,000

1281 Warner Ave., Lot 103, Mansfield; Jack Davis to Chase Ward; $119,550

1281 Warner Ave., Lot 102, Mansfield; Jack Davis to Chase Ward; $1

741 Hickory Lane, Mansfield; Tommie and Deborah Darr to Emille Allen; $108,150

377 Esley Lane, Mansfield; Estate of Shirley Owens to Larry and Deb Wiles; $122,000

1750 Old Bowman Street Road, Mansfield; Melani Eyerly and Jennifer Eyerly to Timothy and Robin Eldridge; $75,000

928 Duke Ave., Mansfield; Aaron and Rachel Jamieson to Keith Mascazine; $133,000

1164 Woodside Drive, Mansfield; Jevin Williamson to Betty Williamson; $68,000

1229 Belmont Ave., Mansfield; Hope Mollett to Brent and Sara Finley; $3,300

1531 Olivesburg Road, Mansfield; Streeter Clow to Ricardo and Jennifer Pagan; $185,000

515 Pennsylvania Ave., Mansfield; J. Steve Sheldon, Richland County Sheriff, to Ahmed Rabee; $46,000

1104 Pat Lane, Mansfield; Janice Ash to Deborah Cooper; $20,000

828 Lehigh Ave., Mansfield; Gary Catron to Howard Wendland; $67,500

1591 Park Ave. East, Mansfield; John and Brenda Barlie to Alexis Sanderfer; $85,000

1057 Trimble Road, Mansfield; Randall Brown Jr. to Sharon Sampsel; $75,000

1689 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Mitchell Rental Properties to Briana and Brian Durton; $199,900

1214 Crestwood Drive, Mansfield; Gary Pratt to James Simmons; $126,500

1003 Averill Ave., Mansfield; Timothy and Terri Sweeney to Jared Poth, Laura Wood and Arnold Poth; $55,000

1170 Hazelwood Drive, Mansfield; Glenn Maglott Jr. to Terry and Charlotte Davidson; $119,000

429 Esley Lane, Mansfield; Michael Norris to Timothy Ritchey; $130,000

439 Esley Lane, Mansfeld; Shawn Au to Garry and Rebecca Lester; $129,900

1010 Averill Ave., Mansfield; Earnest Mosier to Reuben Mast; $62,000

1725 Anglewood Drive, Mansfield; Rita Rand to Benjamin Kirkpatrick; $132,000

1400 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Joshua Garrison to Nathan and Brittany Turner; $150,000

307 Lee Lane, Mansfield; Daniel McLarnan to Sally Seiler; $115,000

488 Gordon Road, Mansfield; Jerrod Hunt to Crystal Gwin; $105,800

390 Indiana Ave., Mansfield; Raymond and Jessica Day to Liana and Gregory Ashbook II; $89,000

320 Michigan Ave., Mansfield; Jack Messer to Roderick Coleman; $98,000

171 S. Walker Ave., Mansfield; Sadana and Timothy Cornell to Joshua and Michelle Haynes; $131,500

1200 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Cory Peterson to Randy and Lee Ann Sprang; $125,000

1320 Walker Ave. East, Mansfield; Robin Lyons, Randy Tamburrino, Richard Tamburrino to Ron Tamburrino to James and Linda Townsend; $152,000

1338 Michael Drive, Mansfield; Estate of Donna Mitchell to Rebecca and Andrew Palmer; $140,000

432 Melody Lane, Mansfield; Beth Leppo to Mitchel Beer; $65,000

Vacant property, 1.15 acres, Piper Road, Mansfield; Kale and Alyssa Huss to Matthew Madden and Shelbi Chacey; $11,500

1409 Hickory Lane, Mansfield; Jeremiah and Kristen Zeigler to Shawn Swindall and Courtney Harris; $138,000

1350 Hickory Lane, Mansfield; Marilyn Markley to Michael Lewis; $170,000

664 Lenox Ave., Mansfield; Benjamin Branham to TPO Properties, LLC; $35,000


2290 and 2292 Sprucewood Drive, Mansfield; Joyce Wolf to AEJN, LLC; $84,971.44

604 Ironwood Drive, Mansfield; Austen Hammett to Kris Klink; $144,000

2247 Sprucewood, Mansfield; Matthew and Laura Parsons to Donna Swiger; $150,000

319 Day Road, Mansfield; Barbara Reid to Shane Matson; $20,000

1558 Bowen Road, Mansfield; Hemlock George, LLC, to James Rogers; $110,000

808 Woodcrest Drive, Mansfield; Brice and Leigh Ann Patterson to Matthew and Jennifer Bright; $155,000

2182 N. Ashland Road, Mansfield; Anthony Hall to Ahab Cates II; $51,000

Vacant property, 5.142 acres, Wallace Road, Mansfield; Charles Ervin, co-trustee, to Taylor Zody; $247,985

2521 Wedgewood Drive, Mansfield; Darlene Swanger to Jason and Lisa Rimmer; $137,500

2237 Satinwood Drive, Mansfield; Anthony and Christie Brammer to Gus Cadle and Dusty Cadle; $161,500

599 Impala Drive, Mansfield; Dieha Young to Oak Wood Developers, Inc.; $75,000


1886 Weil Road, Perrysville; Gregory and Katherine King to Tyson and Anna Boquette; $11,915

3919 Ohio 39, Lucas; Douglas Southard to Jaret Southard; $85,000

4011 Hastings Newville Road, Lucas; Earl Jr. and Kelly Holbrook to Scott and Denise Basquin; $282,500

2897 Ohio 39, Lucas; Joseph Hurley, et al, to Tyler Congdon; $94,841

Vacant land, 32.971 acres, Wigton Road, Lucas; Dan and Barbara Tucker to Charles Bauer; $350,000


4775 Mill Run Road, Lexington; Terrence Byrne to Adam and Tara Dice; $185,900


Trux Street, Plymouth; Michelle Gerhardstein, trustee, to Regnald and Mary Ganzhorn; $80,000

7320 Fenner Road, Shelby; Bobby and Joyce Price to Jordan Sockwell; $29,400

7180 Ohio 61, Plymouth; Edward and Susie Zimmerman to David and Mary Zimmerman; $500,000

7386 Plymouth-Springmill Road, Plymouth; Edward and Susie Zimmerman to Michael Zimmerman; $500,000

3739 Baseline Road, Plymouth; Sheryl Dotson to Eric and Amy Hill; $269,900

8173 Plymouth-Springmill Road, Plymouth; Birchwood Investments, LLC, to Tammy Cook; $148,000


36 S. Horning Road, Mansfield; Bobby Thacker to Sonia Carnegie; $280,000

7.077 acres, vacant farm land, address not listed; Lakewood Farms to Ricky Wade; $42,500

Vacant land, 4.378 acres, Lincoln Highway, Crestline; Teresa Wagoner, Michael Laribee, Linda Kleman and Julia Geiger to Frankie and Gainymarie Broadway; $30,000


11.46 acres, Stiving Road, Shelby; Brian Rank to 3526 Ohio 314, LLC,; $24,000

39 Windemere Drive, Shelby; Glenn and Mary Ann Alsept to Christopher Gimbel; $138,550

149.6302 acres, Sharon Township; Ronald Vanasdale to M. Cole Enterprises, LLC; $1,550,000


267-269 Rudy Road, Mansfield; Matthew Martin to Herbert and Debra Muncy; $125,000

202 S. Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; Gunther and Jayne Stahlke to Elizabeth and Troy Tinkham; $3,000

777 Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; James and Nancy Shafer to Javier and Rebecca Archer; $248,000

237 S. Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; Raymond III and Laurie Miller to Heather Lewis; $132,000

3585 Millsboro Road West, Mansfield; Adam Hoelscher to Jill Summerton; $105,000

325 Lexington-Ontario Road, Mansfield; Jon and Marcia Roberts to Douglas Lindsay Sr.; $129,000

356 South 比特币交易app哪个好home Road, Mansfield; Anna Heater to Maglott Properties, LLC; $135,900

3935 Kings Pointe Drive, Mansfield; Jason Goth to Ben Wolff; $315,000

1205 Ohio 314, Mansfield; Roger and Sherri Price to Jeremiah and Kristen Zeigler; $315,000

1272 Lewis Road, Ontario; Ronald Cremeans Jr. to Joseph Santry; $205,000

4292 Flowers Road, Mansfield; Arnold Russell to Justin Russell and Amber Bowen; $169,900

800 S. 比特币交易app哪个好home Road, Mansfield; Christopher and Cristine Skelnik to Michael and Tiffany Hartley; $320,000

730 Ohio 314 South, Mansfield; Duane and Laura Kilgore to David Cohen; $184,900

2606 Walker Lake Road, Mansfield; Diane Rickel to Charles II and Laura Bletz; $184,900


2058 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Joshua and Jessica Ney to Donald and Lucina McCorkle; $165,000

2547 Ellen Ave., Mansfield; Jennifer Yoder to Keith and Rebecca Ivy; $189,000

2037 S. Lexington-Springmill Road, Mansfield; Edward Newmeyer to Aleah Padisak; $139,900

Vacant property, Lexington-Ontario Road, Mansfield; Clayton and Tanya Stevens to Harold and Nicole Moore; $65,000

3918 Ohio 42 South, Lexington; Harold and Darlene Hassinger to Tyler Bashaw and Alexandra Reid; $240,000


Vacant lot, 5.284 acres, Mansfield-Lucas Road, Mansfield; James and Jessica Winans to Ronald Lutz; $55,000

4398 Rule Road, Bellville; Norris and Janis Tangeman to Shaun and Rebecca Wright; $420,000

Alexander Road, Bellville; David Secrist to John and Patricia Righter; $109,900

2118 Pulver Road, Lucas; Aaron Poffenbaugh to Kody Sanders; $185,000

2326 Mansfield-Lucas Road, Mansfield; Martin Knapp and Ronald Knapp to Michael and Patricia Heimberger; $180,000

1139 Belmar Drive, Mansfield; WM Property Holdings, LLC, to Elisabeth Huffman; $161,500

2571 Touby Road, Mansfield; Thomas Smith, co-trustee, to Adam and Gwendolyn Mumea; $164,900

498 W. Hanley Road, Mansfield; Phillip and Barbara Holtzapple to Stewart Mann and Debra Fair; $165,000

2218 Gary Drive, Mansfield; John Northrup to Michael and Sharron Wilson; $145,900

Vacant lot, Orchard Park Road, Lexington; A.R.S.A., LLC, to Michael and Judy Border; $42,000

650 E. Hanley Road, Mansfield; Jeffrey and Crystal Adams to Adam and Rebecca Richards; $235,000

332 Garver Road, Mansfield; Charles White to Mill City Mortgage Loan Trust; $90,300

1541 Bridgewater Way South, Mansfield; Martin and Joy Tremmel to Barbara Cunning, trustee; $264,999

514 Woodruff Road, Mansfield; Doris McFerren, trustee, to Joshua House; $165,000

4185 Opossum Run Road, Bellville; Joshua Conner and Celeste Conner to Jason Bowersock and Lisa Bowersock; $243,000

3191 Ohio 13 South, Mansfield; Curt Yarger, Jennifer Young and Barbara Jerome to Clark Tolley; $189,900


Pittenger Road, Mansfield; Russell and Rhonda Radcliffe to Ronald Jr. and Nicole Burgess; $97,318

68.265 acres, Ohio 545, Mansfield; Andrew and Jennifer Fry to Carson and Janet Martin; $477,855

845 Crall Road East, Mansfield; James and Jocelyn King to Jason Hill; $114,576

26.43 acres on Pavonia Road and 2.119 acres on Pavonia Rod; Andrew and Jennifer Fry to Travis Fulk; $162,729.30

3295 Conrad Road, Mansfield; Stacey Lipscomb to Tyler and Ashlea Botdorf; $30,000

3295 Conrad Road, Mansfield; Stacey Lipscomb to Tyler and Ashlea Botdorf; $27,500

3295 Conrad Road, Mansfield; Stacey Lipscomb to Tyler and Ashlea Botdorf; $32,500


4424 Barron Road, Perrysville; Douglas and Jenny Duncan to Robert and Kimberly Sifread; $50,000

4905 Harris Road, Butler; The Nancy Kolb Trust to David and Fannie Miller; $326,000

7501 Hill Road, Butler; Scott and Denise Basquin to Danny Ousley; $260,000

5042 Opossum Run Road, Bellville; Paul Arata to Greenbrier 比特币交易app哪个好homes, LTD; $85,600

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