Property sold

More than 220 Richland County properties have recently changed hands, according to the latest property transfer reports from the county auditor's office.

Properties recently sold included:


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114 Lilac Court West, Mansfield; Brian and Angela Burggraf to Reagan Emmons and Lauren Davis; $90,500

885 Danwood Road, Mansfield; Erin Dendinger to Joanne Beck; $89,000

324 Sheridan Ave., Mansfield; John Keim to Joshua Mosley; $6,000

547 Broadview Ave., Mansfield; Diana Moss wtta Diana Harvey to Jamie and Tyler Jarvis; $87,500

68 Gibson Ave., Mansfield; Jennifer Yoder to Deborah Parker; $69,000

538 Dirlam Lane, Mansfield; Pentti Maki, trustee, to Kristin Hawkins and Hunter Reed; $212,500

52 Greenwood Ave, Mansfield; Amethyst Properties, LLC, to Darrell and Kathy Elkins; $7,500

644 Westview Blvd., Mansfield; GBC Enterprises, LLC, to Eric Hatfield and Richard Fournier; $147,000

1072 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; John Wagenhals, trustee, to Breckenridge Enterprises, LLC; $72,000

1938 Middle-Bellville Road, Mansfield; Michael and Summer Lamp to Chance and Emily Isaman; $110,000

1195 Devonwood Road, Mansfield; John Young to Alejandro Acosta and Julie McCoy; $223,000

26 Hoffman Ave., Mansfield; Susan Maul to Timothy Stevens; $30,000

26 Hoffman Ave., Mansfield; Timothy Stevens to Hayley and Chad Young; $33,000

551 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Allura Watson and Samuel Chamberlin to Nathan Long; $135,000

533 Clifton Blvd., Mansfield; Gary Perry Jr. to Kristin Goff; $124,000

29 State St., Mansfield; Douglas Sr. and Cherie Cordray to Clarissa Wolfhope; $39,900

249 Wimbledon Drive, Mansfield; Danny Stephens Construction, Inc., to Anthony Baer; $120,000

1603 Helena Drive, Mansfield; Joshua and Sheryl Getz to Ashleigh and Shad Robinson; $220,000

354 Wayne St., Mansfield; Estate of Kenneth Gorman to JRM Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $25,000

209 Cliffbrook Drive, Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee, to Stacie Guenther; $85,000

374 Emerald Ave., Mansfield; J. Kirk and Nicole Wilson to Jeffery and Dee Luttrell; $52,000

407 Dean Road, Mansfield; Brian Benick to Reuben Mast, trustee; $21,000

478 Clearview Road, Mansfield; Timothy Mastandrea, trustee, to Robert and Lisa Booth; $114,000

215 Atcheson Ave., Mansfield; Wells Fargo Bank to Jason Allen; $15,000

1675 Riva Ridge Drive, Mansfield; D&M Real Estate Investments, Ltd., to Riva Ridge Properties, LLC; $265,000

146 Grover St., Mansfield; Famico Williams to Ashley Mollett; $89,700

386 Overlook Road, Mansfield; Loretta and Ricky Rollins to Daniel and Abbie Barwick; $140,000

462 Agate Ave., Mansfield; Benjamin Kirkpatrick to Tonya Marvin; $59,000

30 Winchester Road, Mansfield; Timber Valley Ranch Properties to Synergy Property Solutions, Inc.; $370,000

Vacant lot, Orchard Street, Mansfield; Mansfield 比特币交易app哪个好homes II LP to Golden Goose Holdings, Ltd,; $250

120 Alpine Drive, Mansfield; Jason Johnson to Akeylie McFarland; $125,000

41 Rowland Ave., Mansfield; Lynn and Durwood Mount to Alaya Grouse; $24,000

519 Westview Blvd., Mansfield; Meredith Hanshaw to James Taylor; $20,000

240 S. Adams St., Mansfield; Gregory Coulter to Latasha Reed; $1,000

30 E. Raleigh Ave., Mansfield; Midwest 比特币交易app哪个好home Management, LLC, to Ali Grose; $13,200

64 Glenbeck Lane, Mansfield; Karen and Mark Boardley to Natalie Trunnell; $153,900

116 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Mitchell and Janine Schwartz to Donna Chatman; $64,900

55 Chilton Ave., Mansfield; Cameron Thompson to Matthew Waugh; $84,000

1066 Yorkwood Road, Mansfield; Mary Smith and Thomas Risacher to Ralph and Joyce Stahl; $154,000

168 Grasmere Ave., Mansfield; David Stamper and Rachelle Teeters to Nathaniel Roy; $4,200

1139 Walker Lake Road, Mansfield; Cynthia Rider to Synergy Property Solutions, Inc.; $29,000

1394 Hess Lane, Mansfield; Estate of Michael Bagley to Michael and Kathleen Thorpe; $142,500

240 Whippoorwill Lane, Mansfield; Phillip and Theda Hostetter to Jennifer Scheurer; $150,000

1333 Middle-Bellville Road, Mansfield; Kevin Horsley to Trevor Christy; $74,900

211 N. Main St., Mansfield; Mansfield Housing Partners, Ltd., to AWW Investment Trust; $250,000

143 Lind Ave., Mansfield; Nathan Hickerson to Ingrid Tantao; $47,000

616 Fairoaks Blvd., Mansfield; Jeneva Johns to Z Rentals, LLC; $77,000

291 S. Main St., Manfield; CLH Rentals, LLC, to GBC Enterprises, LLC; $22,500

1878 Evline Drive, Mansfield; Donalyn Tanner and Anthony Tanner to Kevin and Kelli Porter; $237,500

2204 Taurus Court, Mansfield; William and Myrna Bohr to Lonny and Melanie Milks; $239,900

171 W. Fifth St., Mansfield; Luke's Place, LTD, to Lacy Bessette and Mason Kelly; $440

1641 Cape Cod Drive, Mansfield; Hunsinger Builders, LLC, to Charles and Kathryn Osborne; $249,900

Vacant lot, Yale Avenue, Mansfield; MDoyle, LLC, to Ernest Gordon II; $1,600

66 Clifton Ave., Mansfield; James Ritchie to John Brumfield III; $59,900

377 Muth Road, Mansfield; Amanda Stutz to John and Bethany Dorsey; $103,500

481 Stewart Lane, Mansfield; Gregory and Jacqueline Bailey to Jeremy Crace; $149,900

1939 Richwood Drive, Mansfield; David and Sharon Pound to Alan and Yvonetta Burtnett; $167,500

49 Sherman Ave., Mansfield; Susan Maul to Liying Chen and Si Chun Xiao; $52,000


3241 Beverly Lane, Ontario; Monetta Johnston to Timothy and Ashley Scott; $165,000

1595 Park Ave. West, Ontario; Raymond Harvell to James and Laura Ritchie; $171,500

Vacant lot, Larry Court, Ontario; Robert and Sonya Ohl to Shope Investments, LLC; $36,400

160 Creston Road, Ontario; Christopher Olson to Richard and Marsha Reimer; $137,500

1126 Cobblefield Drive, Ontario; Ronald Fluker to Gordon Moxley, trustee; $159,900

1174 Cobblefield Drive, Ontario; William and Andrea Robson to Arthur and Rosemary Littleton; $130,000

135 Clare Road, Ontario; Eric and Amanda Cook to Logan Osborne and Griffin Niss; $176,400

1986 Rosewood Drive, Ontario; Colin and Janet Dickson to Candace Boyd; $84,500

2180 Vivian Drive, Ontario; Bryan and Joyanna McGathey to David Gilbert; $129,500

812 Willowood Drive West, Ontario; Steven Shank to Brianna Holmes; $110,000

926 Fulwell Drive, Ontario; Stella Weaver to Briandi Leonard; $72,000

Vacant land, Ridgestone Drive, Oakstone Drive and Lexington-Ontario Road, Ontario; Ontario Enterprises, Ltd., to JA Dayton Holdings, LLC; $525,000

1111 Lewis Road, Ontario; Christopher and Bethany Julian to David and Amber Blanton; $155,000

655 Overbrook Court, Ontario; Lawrence and Janet Bixler to Cindy Rickel; $225,000

51 Sunset Road North, Ontario; Angela Augustine nka Angela Dailey and Michael Dailey to Lisa Eichelberger; $144,000

1918 Tanglewood Drive, Ontario; Zachary and Susanna Spencer to Jason and Shawna Mayer; $92,900

678 Scott Drive, Ontario; Gayle Moore to Troy and Catherine Sapp; $132,000

131 Woodbine Drive, Ontario; Andrea Ackerman fka Andrea Wilson to Dana Stuart; $103,000

903 Randallwood Drive, Ontario; Camilla and Jerry Gish Jr. to Austin and Brooklynn Whisler; $210,000

1793 Spring Village Lane, Ontario; Joseph and Sandra Johnston to Bryan and Kirsten Geist; $160,000

60 Bethel Lane, Mansfield; Ronald Cantey to Bradley Griffith; $75,000


148 W. Park Drive, Shelby; Jonah Cochran to Cody and Chassidy Phelps; $71,212

86 Renfrew Drive, Shelby; Nicholas and Jessica Perkins to Timothy and Kari Tarvin; $330,000

61 Roberts Drive, Shelby; Donna Reed and Marjorie Wechter to Christopher Stigall and Miranda Doughman; $101,900

219 Joelynn Drive, Shelby; Debra and Dick Tomlinson to Shiloh Sipe; $130,000

80 Mack Ave., Shelby; Keely Perry, administratrix of the estate of Holly Copley, to Chandler Dials; $91,000

61 Louise Drive, Shelby; Estate of Alice King to Danny and Delorse Moore; $145,000

Vacant lot, River Bend Drive, Shelby; Barbara Dorn, trustee, to Riverview Estates Condominium Association, Inc.; $11,000

33 Marvin Ave., Shelby; Charles and Patricia Browning to Matthew Snyder; $84,000

15 Williams Court, Shelby; Timothy and Angela Carroll to Taylor and Phillip Murphy; $115,000

175 W. Main St., Shelby; Donald Nutter Jr. and Judith Nutter, fka Judith Natasi, to Marthalee Wooldridge and Meaghan Kessling; $119,000

67 Taft St., Shelby; Kelly McGuire nka Kelly Conn to Ellisyn Scott; $163,500

124 Mansfield Ave., Shelby; Jennifer Shade to Nathan and Brooke Kaufmann; $73,900

57 E. Smiley Ave., Shelby; James and Allison Douglas to Beth Fuller; $84,000


97 Hamilton Drive, Bellville; Robert Thierlein, trustee, to Michael and Traci Bentley; $310,000

109-111 School St., Bellville; MATTKIM Holdings, LLC, to K.C. Real Estate Rental, LLC; $120,000

463 Spayde Road, Bellville; James and Peggy Watson to William and Ann McKinley; $330,000

101 N. Huron St., Bellville; William and Ann McKinley to Melinda Thrasher; $138,000

443 Robert Place, Bellville; Clendon and Sherryl Parr to Joshua Epperson; $30,400

153 Dickerson Ave., Bellville; Ashley and Michael McCorkle Jr. to Hayden Bledsoe and Brigitte Shawver; $170,000

110 Markey St., Bellville; Robin Remaley to Evan and Kara Mumea; $152,500

343 W. Durbin Circle, Unit 343, Bellville; Wanda Bender to The McFerren Family Revocable Living Trust; $162,000

196 Markey St., Bellville; Dean Parsons to Eva Cullen; $128,000

161 Huron St., Bellville; Dr. Geojean, trustee, to Dante Kirk; $59,000


169 Main St., Butler; Raymond Swank, Kenneth Swank and Shirley Sargent to Darcie Wynn; $104,900

36 Narrow St., Butler; Robert Kirkpatrick to K Carr Properties, LLC; $18,500

11 College St., Butler; Stephanie Lane fka Stephanie Sheets to Joshua Davis; $86,900

123 Main St., Butler; Allie Silliman to Brianna Christine; $102,000


520 Cedarwood Drive, Lexington; Nathan and Andrea Triplett to Kevin and Jolene Young; $285,000

331 Chapman Way, Lexington; Norma Stake to Neil Williams; $120,500

88 Mohican Trail, Lexington; Rex and Helen Hester to Marilyn Williamson; $145,990

193 Oxford Road, Lexington; David and Christina Walsh to Jeffer Phillips; $149,000

339 Hampton Road, Lexington; Dale Holmes to Marjorie and Kevin Shearer; $179,900

36 Darby Drive, Lexington; Macy Robertson to Tyler Stehle; $122,000

66 Holiday Hill, Lexington; Helen Ross to Elizabeth Gill; $69,670

Breton Drive, Lexington; John and Ruth Hoffman to Grant and Teresa Weaver; $50,000


173 Beelman St., Plymouth; Eric and Nicole Gale to Daniel Manor II; $140,000

134 Mulberry St., Plymouth; Carolyn Coldwell to Aaron Nester; $65,000


397 Lattimer Road, Shiloh; Zimmerland Land Co. htta Zimmerman Land Company Ltd., to Leon and Arlene Burkholder; $373,725


1764 Nelson Road, Butler; Ura Yoder and Mary Yoder to Ephraim Miller and Esther Miller; $130,000

5495 Franklin Church Road, Greenwich; Mark Campbell to John Lyon; $45,500


8463 Willett Road, Plymouth; Randy Kessler to Leon and Elizabeth Zimmerman, trustees; $250,000


4953 Ohio 13 North, Shiloh; Melissa Matuck to Rebekah Varner; $195,000

2405 Bowman St. Road, Mansfield; Diana Spears fka Diana Mills to Mandi Owens; $55,000

Vacant lot, Linn Road, Mansfield; Barbara Hall to Joseph and Stephanie Kososky; $1,000


1758 Mitchner Road, Shelby; Cory and Heather John to Eric and Amanda Cook; $266,000

3348 Ohio 96, Shelby; Estate of Robert Grove to Terri John; $112,500

2753 Country Meadows Drive, Unit C, Shelby; Geoffrey Wills to Charles and Sandra Stockmaster, trustees; $95,000


1381 Bellville Johnsville Road, Bellville; Daniel and Sheila Van Loo to Joseph Diesk; $345,000

5856 Garber Road, Bellville; Larry and Lois Ramer to Steve and Kristina Broughton; $17,600

4722 Ritter Road, Bellville; Greenbrier 比特币交易app哪个好homes, LTD, to Amanda and Wilmer Ordonez; $200,000

950 Mock Road, Bellville; Joseph Diesk to Andrew and Megan Spayde; $211,000

6255 Renie Road, Bellville; Robert and Erica Parnisari to Terrence and Sarah McDermott; $499,000


1500-1502 Beal Road, Mansfield; Julie Deel to Nick and Kassie Jacobus; $120,000

848 Fleming Falls Road, Mansfield; Dwight Wallen to Heather and Keith Kipp; $265,500

995 Donnawood Drive, Mansfield; Marcus and Jordann Adams to James and Carolyn Hardin; $170,000

1256 Walker Lake Road, Mansfield; Fixed Up Properties, LLC, to Patricia Harry; $155,000

961 Belmont Ave., Mansfield; Derrell Hall to Thomas Adams; $52,000

1197 Fairfax Ave., Mansfield; Edward Schafrath to Donald and Juanita Diener; $25,000

11 lots on Jane Avenue, City View Drive, Lukes Drive and Bechtel Avenue, Mansfield; Ora and Terri Osborne to Collonade, LLC; $255,900

540 Kentucky Ave., Mansfield; Ruth Herold by Paul Herold to Ahmed Rabee; $25,500

891 Country Club Drive, Mansfield; Sheri Gross to Joseph McGuire; $94,000

412 Lee Lane, Mansfield; Amanda Crofutt nka Amanda Imhoff to Angel Richards; $75,000

386 Detroit Ave., Mansfield; Jamie Williams to Richard Pittenger Jr.; $45,000

1524 Anglewood Drive, Mansfield; Anthony and Ashley Boscia to Kristina Kisling; $160,300

854 N. Trimble Road, Mansfield; David and Rosemary Haycock to Cody Nolen; $47,000

1207 Randy Ave., Mansfield; Thomas Rumery to Jeffrey Vanmeter; $15,000

946 Springmill Road, Mansfield; Car Service Rentals, LTD, to Mansfield (Springmill) DG, LLC; $190,000

674 Lenox Ave., Mansfield; Tommie and Deborah Darr to Sandra and Ray Maffett; $62,000

921 Ashland Road, Mansfield; Vilawan Hunley to Synergy Property Solutions; $40,000

1149 Mayfair Drive, Mansfield; Roger Bowling to Ruby Smith and Mark Ward; $160,000

1141 Hazelwood Drive, Mansfield; Renee Fisher to Chance Gough and Ariel Deere; $131,000

216 Whittler Road, Mansfield; Paul and Hillary Ramsey to Connie and Raymond Carroll; $67,900

1078 Mayfair Drive, Mansfield; Estate of Alma Wells by John Wells to Alex Weis; $130,100

1047 N. Trimble Road, Mansfield; Samuel Owens to John Dale Summers Jr.; $92,000

183 N. McElroy Road, Mansfield; Ditech Financial, LLC, to Anna Kindt and Abigail Hickerson; $46,100

1557 Anglewood Drive, Mansfield; Christopher Yeager and Miranda Tanner to Austin and Laela Graska; $128,000

1138 Averill Ave., Mansfield; Gail Keeton to Morgan Branch; $1,000

348 Sabo Drive, Mansfield; Rosemary Smith to Lance Kolp; $125,000

1308 Warner Ave., Mansfield; Joshua Alleman to Rongelio Banaga III and Tori McGowan; $129,900

1528 Pear Place, Mansfield; Estate of Alfred Barnett to Bryan Maidinger; $126,000

1032 Belmont Ave., Mansfield; Beverly Ferguson to Corisa Holdings, Inc.; $52,500


570 Inwood Drive, Mansfield; George Humphreys to Tommy and Jearideen Hunter; $172,000

Hout Road, Mansfield; Trustees of Mifflin Township to Mark and Carolyn Wallace; $31,400

2511 Bryonaire Road, Mansfield; Kurt Stimens, trustee, to Jamie and John Fry Jr.; $106,000

2234 Kentwood Drive, Mansfield; Paul and Elaine Weber to Chadwick Love; $226,900

587 Laver Road, Mansfield; Stephen and Mary Jo Blust to Evan and Breanna Hout; $160,000

1225 Harlan Road, Lucas; Brent and Katherine Watson to Maglott Properties, LLC; $152,000

1641 Mount Zion Road, Mansfield; Thomas Blust to Stephen and Mary Jo Blust; $275,000

1738 Hale Road, Mansfield; April Casler, trustee, to Cory Gingery; $80,000

1867 Hulit Road, Mansfield; Matthew Smith and Christel Koppert-Smith to Deborah Smith; $85,000

361 Harlan Road, Mansfield; J Sauder Construction, LLC, to Justin and Cynthia Long; $264,000

800 Winterberry Place, Mansfield; Sandra Garrison to James Dombrowski; $138,500

607 Biscayne Drive, Mansfield; Ronald Stephan to Kalen and Katelyn Oslie; $147,000

2294 Satinwood Drive, Mansfield; Bradley and Mistee Moore to Edward Mears and Kristy Owens-Mears; $162,500


1985 Pleasant Valley Road, Lucas; Bethany Bennett to David and Bethany Esterline; $155,000

3911 Ohio 95, Perrysville; Greg Hamilton to Little Fish Property, LLC; $250,000

3480 Ohio 603, Lucas; Robert and Deborah Coleman to Hannah Finley; $300,000

5.001 acres of vacant land, Byers Road, Perrysville; Ersie and Carolyn Finley to Mason Galco; $25,010

Vacant lot, Berry Road, Lucas; Judith Schuster and Julie Morris to Roger and Janet Maglott; $50,000

0 Weil Road, Perrysville; Dawn Gimello to Greg King; $23,500


2661 Eckert Road, Lexington; Lisa Manco to Danielle and Jonathan Ward; $339,900


4860 Ohio 181, Crestline; Jeffrey and Kimberly Teeple to Keith Smith; $154,500

1138 Stevens Road, Galion; Douglas and Ginger Hassenzahl to Aaron and Jill Arnett; $395,000

5411 Lincoln Highway, Crestline; Christine and Ralph West to Nicholas Hartsel; $192,500

1293 County Line Road, Crestline; Towd Point Mortgage Trust 2015-6 to Kendall and Sonya Hack


0 Ohio 61, Shelby; RJD Rentals, LLC, to Gail Kaufman and Violet Kaufman; $45,000

5026 Settlement East Road, Shelby; Paul Landin to Brian Hall; $32,550


4669 Flowers Road, Mansfield; Michael and Courtney Delgreco to Anthony and Shannon Shorie; $169,000

Vacant lot, Orewiler Road, Mansfield; Dante Togliatti to Brandon and Trisha Kist; $66,000

2035 Matthes Drive, Mansfield; Thomas and Joyce Webb to James and Ramona Wilkerson; $294,000

550 Earick Road, Mansfield; Douglas Lindsay Sr. to Mark Wise; $224,000

1999 Matthews Drive, Mansfield; Ludwig Perseitz, trustee, to Allison Vredenburgh; $121,000

2895 Alta West Road, Mansfield; Mark Johnson to Ryan and Jill Johnson; $170,000

310 Ohio 314 South, Mansfield; Cassie Solinger to Brytani Uldrich; $155,000


1580 Graham Road, Mansfield; Darren Volz, Michael Volz and Eric Volz to Jordan and Jenny Morris; $310,000

Vacant land, Lexington-Ontario Road, Mansfield; Larry and Karen Feichtner to Ross and Ashley Liersemann; $77,900

Vacant land, Lexington-Ontario Road, Mansfeld; Estate of David Angle to Clayton and Tanya Stevens; $90,000

1693 S. 比特币交易app哪个好home Road, Mansfeld; Stephen and Beth Feldmeier to Charles and Hannah Davis; $355,000

1798 Carter Lane, Mansfield; Kevin Foglesong to Mark Foglesong to Lindsay Sand; $89,000

3145 Fox Road, Mansfeld; Gregory and Darlene Rudrick to Barry and Roxanne Drueschler; $169,054

3305 Ohio 546, Lexington; Jeremy and Melissa Ford to Mark Meltzer amd Sean Walsh; $348,000

1704 Bowers Road, Lexington; Estate of Harry Murdock to James Oberlin, Elizabeth Oberlin and Hannah Gabrielle; $65,000


2815 Hillcrest Drive, Lexington; Steve Waite to Letita Andres-Miller and Brian Miller; $124,900

2750 Stafford Drive, Mansfield; Mildred Hoffman nka Maggie Borland to Heather Grist and Tanner Radebaugh; $185,000

1270 Keefer Road, Mansfield; The Bank of New York Mellon to Kevin Horsley; $57,750

3163 Touby Road, Mansfield; Christopher and Shelly VanWave to Christopher Pastore; $199,000

511 Sherwood Drive, Mansfield; Butternut Property Group, LLC, to Adam and Brianne Drinkard; $90,000

424 Vanderbilt Road, Mansfield; Edwin Griffeth to Roy Rush and Kim Blakley; $150,000

Two lots, Vanderbilt Road; Janet Griffeth to Edwin Griffeth; $175,000

588 Orchard Drive, Lexington; Linda Wilson to Mitchell and Chanara Beer; $175,000

552 Fuhrer Ave., Mansfield; Terry and Patricia Noel to Joseph Hurford and Carey Jo Fulk; $166,400

3255 Middle-Bellville Road, Lexington; Frederick and Suzanne Linger to Tina and Anthony Roberts; $248,000

562 Fuhrer Ave., Mansfield; Griffin Glenn to Devin Sweeting; $173,000

1128 Bellaire Drive, Mansfield; Marcia Haver to Bruce Hornbeck; $144,900

1251 Max Walton Drive, Mansfield; William and Mary Ann Jackson to Matthew Smollen; $150,000


2455 Oak St., Mansfield; William and Michelle Bradley to Chelsey Bishop; $85,000

575 Crall Road, Mansfield; Sandstone Mini Storage to HR Enterprises, LLC; $84,500


5160 Bunker Hill Road, Butler; Joseph Staab to The Resbrine House Riverside, LLC; $130,320

4878 Possum Run Road, Bellville; Naser Beniter to Richard and Lisa Smith; $70,000

1853 Wagner Road, Butler; Timothy and Cynthia Truex to Cameron and Amber Thompson; $288,000

5920 Bunkerhill Road North, Butler; Matthew and Hayley Wisenbarger to Michael and Wendi Smith; $135,000

1679 Riggle Road, Bellville; Mark Cole to Joseph Kurtz; $69,000

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