Caldwell Bloor Building
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The Caldwell Bloor Building on Third Street is under renovation projected to be finished by the summer of 2022. 

MANSFIELD ─ The Caldwell Bloor building on Third Street is in the transition of becoming a partly community-oriented space.

The nearly 100-year-old building is located between the Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development and Mansfield Metropolitan Housing ity.

With the renovation going on for more than a year, co-owner Annamarie Fernyak said almost everything in the building, including the electrical and plumbing systems, have been stripped. She expects the remodeling would be finished no later than the early summer of 2022.

The owner is hoping the future use of the first floor will be for food-oriented mercantile space. The second and third floors will be condominiums for sale with two to three units on each floor.

Fernyak said part of the first floor could be a demonstration kitchen for cooking classes. The rest of it could include some 10-by-10 booth spaces for local growers and food entrepreneurs to sell their value-added products like jelly or meals to-go.

While she has a preference for the first floor, Fernyak said she wants to create a space the community really needs. Therefore, her team is going to do a communitywide survey in February.

“We ask the community how we can support them,” she said.

If, for example, many people expressed the need for a place to sell their pottery or paintings, Fernyak said the team would reconsider the use of the space.

The result will not change the ongoing renovation. They will make sure there are enough restrooms for a certain occupancy and all the gas, electrical and plumbing systes will be ready for a kitchen.   

“Then what we do is we wait. We wait to see what the community is going to support,” she said.

Commercial use has occupied most of the Caldwell building’s history. Several car dealers used the space, according to ads and articles in the Mansfield News Journal from the 1920s to 1980s. In 1944, Quality Furniture moved in and operated for five years.

In the early 1950s, the building was used for exhibition spaces and a parking garage. An exposition featuring “warm air heating and allied products” was once held in the there. In 1955, Caldwell and Bloor moved in.

Fernyak said they will keep the integrity of the building’s exterior except for the windows, which would be replaced by double-panes while leave space for a fire escape for the condominium spaces.

She also said the construction team is putting on a new roof for the future rooftop garden. Additional structure will be added for the exterior wall and the roof as well.

Anyone interested in the building that would like to schedule a tour can contact Fernyak at        

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